Chairman Message

Ashok Pandey, Chairman

Chairman Message

Welcome to ​College of IT and Applied Social Science 

 is an exciting place for you to come, learn your choice of programs and develop in the way you want to. . Every care has been taken to make your study-program a richly rewarding one.”

Shri Kuldeep Kumar Dwivedi, Incharge Principal

From the Desk of Principle

I have a proud privilege to welcome you to this College of IT and Applied Social Science. Shri Pandey established this college to educate the Youth  and to promote the educational, social, economical and cultural progress of them
                   The college provides best academic services along with special attention to the conduct of the sports activities, extension activities, extracurricular and co-curricular activities for the all-round development of the students. 
             The quality of education provided by the institution in the faculty of  Commerce and Science for the programme like PGDCA, B.C.A., DCA, BBA has earned a high reputation. The facilities like digitalised Library, Playground facilities, well equipped Labs  well qualified Teaching Staff and co-operative Non Teaching Staff has added to the ambiance of the campus.
               I believe in the three great principles – Truth, Good and Beauty that nourish the entire social life and if every individual performs his duties with positive approach he can generate a climate for maintaining equality, fraternity and liberty in our society..